5 tips for extending sex

1. Stop properly

Men should learn to control their emotions before ejaculation. Before the climax comes, they can immediately realize and stop their movements in time, stay still for 30-60 seconds, and hold their breath at the same time. This helps parasympathetic nerve excitement, significantly reducing sexual stimulation so that men do not reach orgasm so quickly. Squeeze the penis. Pull out the penis immediately when there is a sense of urgency to ejaculate. The woman’s index finger and middle finger are placed above and below the coronal sulcus of the penis. Once, this can be repeated.

2. Experience cooperation

Making love is also an art, and it is the art of two people, and the emphasis is on cooperation. Practice has proved that if women are good at guiding, men can properly extend the time of sexual intercourse, and women can get enough sexual satisfaction.

3. Change the position of sexual intercourse

Lateral, female, and sitting can all prolong the time of sexual intercourse, because the man has less exertion and muscle relaxation so that the male can control his desire to ejaculate, thereby prolonging the time of sexual intercourse. Besides, wearing a condom can also prolong sexual intercourse.

4. Secondary sexual intercourse

Two times a night or two times in a short time is a good way to extend the time of intercourse, but this must have a good body and good skills. You can have the same room again after a single ejaculation; masturbate and ejaculate first, and then sexual intercourse should not expire; after one ejaculation, in the same room again when the sexual partner is still excited within a few minutes, you can achieve the effect of extending the time.

5. Wear condoms to reduce irritation

This is about using two or even three condoms to reduce genital irritation. Although many men do not like to use condoms, from the perspective of safety and caring women, you better use it. Moreover, if you have always been short of stamina, you should use it even more. Put on two or three condoms, which can be more effective contraception, but also can effectively reduce the stimulation of the genitals by friction, prolong your duration.

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